Inspired by the desire to marry music and the visual arts, Daydreaming With... aims to create a unique and multi-sensory experience, unprecedented by museum exhibitions or music festivals.

The artists involved represent a wide range of disciplines including film, music, sound, photography, painting, street art, sculpture, fashion; as well as Virtual Reality and even smell!

The Daydreaming With… concept is the vision of James Lavelle, founder of the Mo’Wax record label and UNKLE albums, artist, curator of Meltdown at the Royal Festival Hall in 2014, and founder and curator of the Daydreaming With series. 

The 'Daydreaming With' concept can be scaled up or down, applied to different venues, with different cultural figures at the curatorial helm. The idea is to celebrate creativity and innovation in all it's forms. 

The inaugural exhibition ‘Daydreaming With James Lavelle’ took place at the Haunch of Venison in London in 2010. James Lavelle showcased original, previously unheard music, composed specifically for the exhibition, alongside artwork by a selection of around 30 artists, from the established to the up-and-coming. Each artist was assigned a track to respond to, creating a unique experience for the viewer, through using his or her own visual language.

‘Daydreaming With the Hong Kong Edition’ followed in 2012. The exhibition attracted 30,000 visitors in a month and was described as:  ‘Masters of sound, image and sculpture come together’ (Sunday Morning Post).

‘Daydreaming With Stanley Kubrick’ at Somerset House, London 6 July – 24th August 2016  brought together a total of 69 artists, filmmakers and musicians inspired by the work of Stanley Kubrick. The exhibition attracted 31,154 visitors during it’s run and was completely sold out for it’s final stages. The exhibition was described as a 'Feast of homages to one of the great originals of modern culture' (The Guardian).

In early 2017 James Lavelle took over Lazarides Rathbone with 'Daydreaming with UNKLE Presents… THE ROAD: SOHO'. The exhibition explored music, art and street culture through the eyes of music collective UNKLE. The exhibition toured to Leeds Dock in June 2017 as part of the Leeds International Festival. 

To celebrate the recent success of UNKLE's fifth studio album 'The Road: Part I', James Lavelle took over Camden with a series of events: 'Daydreaming With James Lavelle: Camden'. 

“Camden has some of the best live music venues in London, from The Jazz Cafe, to KOKO, to The Roundhouse. As one of the first DJs to play at the Jazz Cafe, it takes me back to the roots of where I came from.  The artists performing reflect where I come from musically  and  culturally when I started djing, and that is a major focus for the programming.  Camden is where it first started for me. The first gig I ever went to was Soul II Soul in 1989 and I used to come to the market as a teenager, go to Dingwall’s for the Talkin' Loud night, and comb the masses of record and clothing shops that were around at that time.  It was very culturally important for me at the beginning of my career but also, Camden has been my home for the last 20 years.” - James Lavelle

In 2018, Daydreaming With continues to explore the themes of music, art, film, creativity and innovation. Watch this space for more upcoming events.