Daydreaming with... JAMES LAVELLE: CAMDEN

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To celebrate the recent success of UNKLE's fifth studio album 'The Road: Part I', Daydreaming With James Lavelle: Camden' is a series of music and art events across London's bustling cultural borough. 

“Camden has some of the best live music venues in London, from The Jazz Cafe, to KOKO, to The Roundhouse. As one of the first DJs to play at the Jazz Cafe, it takes me back to the roots of where I came from.  The artists performing reflect where I come from musically  and  culturally when I started djing, and that is a major focus for the programming.  Camden is where it first started for me. The first gig I ever went to was Soul II Soul in 1989 and I used to come to the market as a teenager, go to Dingwall’s for the Talkin' Loud night, and comb the masses of record and clothing shops that were around at that time.  It was very culturally important for me at the beginning of my career but also, Camden has been my home for the last 20 years.”

- James Lavelle

The series started with James Lavelle curating 7 nights at London's legendary Jazz Cafe between 15 and 21 September. More more info click here.

UNKLE:Live then performed at KOKO in Camden on 26 September, with an audiovisual show featuring a host of guest collaborators, including Mercury Prize nominee ESKA. For more info click here.

There was an UNKLE pop-up and exhibition at Dr Martens' Boot Room in Camden Market between 30 September and 1 October to support the UNKLE at KOKO gig and celebrate 25 years of UNKLE. For more info click here.

There was also a night of UNKLE films at the Roundhouse's Sackler Space on 29 September, followed by a Q and A with James Lavelle and directors Norbert Schoerner.  For more info click here.

All images and videos for 'Daydreaming With James Lavelle: Camden' courtesy of George Stewart-Liberty